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Who is AFVGA?

The Alabama Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association (AFVGA) aims to promote, advance, and protect the growing, harvesting and marketing of fruits and vegetables. Our strategic goals are to:

  1. Support family farms and local food systems through education and support services.

  2. Participate in specialty crop policy and advocacy in the state/region/nation.

  3. Enhance marketing and promotion of Alabama specialty crops.

  4. Build collaboration across industry and regional groups.

  5. Create public value to keep the organization relevant in future.



The AFVGA Board of directors consists of ten directors, eleven if the past president chooses to participate, and are elected by the membership at the annual general business meeting. 

Joe Lambrecht (President)

Oakview Farms, Elmore County


Dr. Arlie Powell (Vice President)

Petals of the Past, Chilton County


Beth Hornsby (Secretary/Treasurer)

Hornsby Farms, Lee County


Taylor Hatchett (Past President)

Boozer Farms, Chilton County


Wade Whited

Whited Farms, Blount County


Kent Isom

Isom Orchard, Limestone County


Larry LouAllen

LouAllen Farm, Lawrence County


Blake Nicholas

Sessions Farm, Mobile County


Mike Reeves

Reeves Farm, Morgan County


Dawn Smith

Lone Oak Farm, Tallapoosa County


Blake Thaxton (Executive Director)

Dr. Ayanava Majumdar (Educational Advisor)

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