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Let's Grow Closer

If you are a farmer who grows fruits and vegetables, we need you. Your contribution is so valuable to the sustainability of the agriculture way of life. Please consider joining The Alabama Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association (AFVGA) and help make all Alabama agriculture stronger.


If you are a consumer who loves farm-fresh produce, we need you. Your support helps us promote locally-grown fruits and vegetables and contributes to a healthier future for the next generation. Please consider joining AFVGA and know that you are making a difference in agriculture for all Alabama and beyond.



Become a member of the Alfa Farmers and Alabama Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association 


As a member, you can save around the corner or across the country.


Already a member? Renew your membership here.

AFVGA is an affiliated association of the Alabama Farmers Federation. A voting member of the AFVGA must have a current Alabama Farmers Federation Membership. All memberships will be verified as current prior to the Annual General Business Meeting. Each membership will have one vote for association general business.

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