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It just tastes better.

Welcome To AFVGA

We are farmers who seek to grow fruit and vegetables that just taste better right here in Alabama. Our state and organization have wonderful farmers and we support our members through education and support services. AFVGA advocates for specialty crop production in our state, region, and nation. We work with our partners at Sweet Grown Alabama to market and promote specialty crops grown by our members. We invite growers to join AFVGA whether they are producing fruits, vegetables, cut-flowers, other specialty crops, and farms who participate in agritourism. We believe that together Alabama can lead the way in continuing to feed our state and nation. AFVGA produces today and tomorrow’s leaders that will make a sustainable future for all Alabamians. Thank you for joining with us to make a better Alabama and we hope you enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables that just taste better.


Sincerely, AFVGA Board

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